Mariya Tsehtik

I am an emerging textile artist with a passion for craft and horticulture. Prior my arrival to Nova Scotia, I lived in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Israel and Alberta. A recent graduate with BFA Major in Textiles and Fashion, I am a recipient of many awards and scholarships for my studio work and community involvement. For the past several years, I volunteered for a number of organizations facilitating workshops and community events. I spent a year as a volunteer for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, where I worked with other volunteers and professional artists carrying out workshops for children of various ages including ones with disabilities.

After graduating from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University), I had the opportunity to take part in a six month residency program at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts. There I assisted in various community events such as art fundraisers, installing gallery exhibitions, as well as both assisting and teaching courses for youth groups. One of my contributions to the centre was working alongside Ross Creek personnel in building cabins that would later house staff and volunteers. Using my carpentry skills I also worked independently on the centre's first beehive project.

Additionally, I took care of the centre’s large organic vegetable garden which involved: growing seedlings, preparing garden beds, and weeding. As new volunteers came to the centre, I was in charge of coordinating their work at the garden. It was a very dynamic work environment where I often had to juggle a number of ongoing projects.

Through my studies at NSCAD University, I was a part of the Natural Dye Garden Initiative which was located on the campus deck and Common Roots Urban Farm. A collaboration between students, alumni and staff we transformed an empty deck into a green space for the community. By the fall, we harvested a variety of dye plants such as woad, weld and marigolds which we donated to the university. Reaching out to students and staff for their support and organizing work parties was a valuable experience in networking and communication. My extensive work with natural dyes resulted in two workshops: Dyeing with Indigo at Artist for a Day 2014 and Natural Dyeing in NSCAD Textiles department.